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    Movies and Film

    Top rated movies of the year

    There are four seasons to a year, but only two parts to a film year: Summer (which normally  starts around late February) and Awards. Supposedly, the good movies don’t even start coming out until September. But lists of the best films of 2016 expose that truism for the lie it is. All of these titles are quality, even if…

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  • Vehicles

    SUV’s – Which You Should You Drive?

    A sports utility vehicle is a sturdy vehicle that has many capabilities. Including off-roading, towing, and has maximum carrying space for passengers. There are countless benefits to owning a SUV compared to a compact car or truck. When purchasing a SUV it is important to consider what you need from your vehicle. Types of SUVs…

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  • supplements
    Men's Health

    Testosterone Supplements

    Many men experience low levels of testosterone as they age. If you’re doing nothing to maintain hormone levels, they could even more rapidly decline. Natural processes are amplified by poor diet and lifestyle choices. There are many ways to treat low T and one of the better, more established ways is to take supplements or…

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  • Seniors

    Top 10 States To Retire

    Top 10 State to Retire Sometimes, its best to retire away from from needy family members or life long memories. Locating to a great, new state is a fresh start for your retirement. Meet new people and develop new friendships. Discover a new warm climate or maybe even open an post-retirement business. The below states…

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