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The main factors to consider when purchasing new tires include: tire size and type, budget, and driving habits and conditions. You want the best tire for your money when it comes to braking, handling, and resistance to hydroplaning. Some additional factors to consider are tread wear, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, noise and rolling resistance. You also want to consider how long you plan to keep your vehicle, as well as manufacturer warranties and rebates.

Newer cars tires are beginning to drive off the lot with low-profile tires on larger wheels these days. Naturally, tire shops are seeing a higher demand for these types of tires. Low-profile tires have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering buying a new car with the option to have larger wheels with low-profile tires, there are a few things to consider before paying for the option. When referring to low-profile tires, people are speaking of the second number printed on the edge of a tire. It is the aspect ratio, which shows the sidewall thickness of the tire as a percentage of tire width.

Advantages to Low-Profile Car Tires

Low-profile tires are typically considered performance tires. With that in mind, there are some great advantages to using low-profile tires.

Improved braking

Improved handling (in wet and dry weather)
More road feel
They generally look great too
The improved braking from using low-profile tires generally comes from the fact that manufacturers are using larger wheels for their new cars, which lets them use larger brakes as well. You may see this in “sport” options for new cars like the new Hyundai Genesis. The sport tread on some of the tire is also designed with braking in mind. Improved handling comes from thin, stiffer sidewalls of the tire.

Disadvantages of Low-Profile Car Tires

These performance tires don’t come without a few disadvantages as well, especially if your car was not originally configured to handle them. If your suspension system was made for a tire with a larger aspect ratio, you may notice road imperfections a bit more than usual.

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