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Cremation Service

Cremation Service

Cremation is a process that prepares the remains of a deceased human body for final disposition. Cremation services reduces a dead human body to 3-7 pounds of bone fragments and other organic and inorganic compounds. This reduction is accomplished, and the body returned to its natural elements, by exposing the remains to intense heat, open flame, by dehydration, evaporation, and mechanical processing.

The Cremation Process

Placing a small numbered metal disk on the floor of the cremation chamber prior to the cremation. This disk will accompany the remains completely through the cremation process: during the cremation itself and finally, when the bone fragments are processed before they’re placed in a temporary container of an urn chosen by the family. In addition to a metal or ceramic disk, an index card containing the name of the decedent along with a unique number, is often affixed to the side of the cremation chamber during the cremation. The unique number that is on the disk will be typed on the label that’s affixed to the temporary storage container and it will also be included on the cremation certificate that’s prepared by the crematory after the cremation process.

The temperature of the cremation chamber ranges between 1,500 degrees to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. The cremation can take between one and three hours to complete. The actual time depends on the efficiency of the cremation chamber, the construction materials of the alternative container or casket, and the physical size and weight of the body being cremated. Cremation service is a good choice.

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