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What To Expect From Denture?

An immediate denture is what it says. It is placed immediately after the teeth have been extracted. It cannot and will not function or feel like a denture placed over healed oral tissue. It does provide a certain amount of function and esthetics for the patient. About 5 months after receiving your immediate dentures, the dentures will have to be rebased, relined or a new denture will have to be made.

There is no such thing as a “permanent denture” as your mouth will continue to change shape. Well-made dentures can last you 6 to 11 years, but they may need to be adjusted depending on the healing process.

Advantages Of Dental Dentures

Perhaps the most important advantage of immediate dentures is that you never need to appear in public without any teeth.

Many advantages includes:

The form, size and arrangement of your natural teeth can more closely be duplicated when some teeth remain in your mouth.

When immediate dentures are inserted, they act as a bandage and help reduce bleeding.

Immediate dentures protect the tissues at the sensitive extraction sites from irritation which might result from the tongue and food. This can mean less discomfort for you than with conventional denture construction.

Immediate dentures can enable you to establish your speech patterns more easily. You do not have to learn to speak without teeth and then re-learn once dentures are made.

With immediate dentures you can chew better than you could without teeth during the normal waiting period for conventional dentures.

If dentures do not replace the natural teeth within a short time, the cheeks tend to fall in.

If you remain without teeth for some time, you may develop oral habits that will interfere with your ability to learn how to use dentures properly.

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