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Handicap Vans

Handicap Vans Benefits

The world of wheelchair accessible vehicles has changed dramatically in recent years. New mobility equipment, hand controls and suspension-lowering designs have made wheelchair vans more beneficial, comfortable and safer. However, vans aren’t the only vehicles that have made waves in the world of mobility. Wheelchair accessible pickup trucks are also available, and offer some pretty significant advantages.

Passenger Space

While you might think a wheelchair pickup truck would limit the number of passengers in the vehicle, you can actually fit up to 5 people within one of these advanced designs.


Wheelchair vans can certainly tow a smaller payload, but they’re really not designed for such use. However, wheelchair pickup trucks can tow almost anything you want, from a boat and trailer to campers and everything in between.

4×4 Capabilities

For anyone who has ever been stuck in the mud or snow, having 4-wheel drive is an obvious benefit. With this feature, wheelchair pickup trucks can literally take you anywhere you might need to go.

More Power and Performance

Wheelchair vans usually have adequate power, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Wheelchair accessible pickup trucks, on the other hand, have more than ample power and performance to handle anything that life or the road (or off-road) might throw your way.

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