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What You Need To Know, SUVs

Sport Utility Vehicles

Financing Available

Paying cash for a new SUV is a great way to get leverage at the dealership, but most of us have to finance our purchase and pay on time. If you go to your bank or credit union ahead of time and get qualified for a new SUV loan, you’ll be able to walk into the dealership ready to buy. You will already know what rate you’ll be paying, a range of monthly payments, and how much you’ll have to put down to make the loan work. Arranging financing for buyers is a source of income for dealerships — they don’t have your interests at heart, and won’t help you get the best rate. Take the power out of their hands, and arrange your financing yourself.

Trading Your Older Vehicle?

One of the biggest variables in the process of buying a new SUV is your old car or SUV. Take it out of the equation, and sell it yourself. Don’t trade it in — you’re just giving the dealer another way to make a profit off of the transaction. Do you have a friend who is a great negotiator? Bring him or her with you to the dealership, and use them as a sounding board during the process. It’s sometimes easier to resist the hard sell at a dealership if you’re not all alone.

Be a Patient Shopper

This applies on several fronts. Don’t rush into the decision to buy, and don’t let yourself be rushed through the process. If you need time to think, take time. Schedule a good block of time to test drive SUVs, and then expect to spend lots of time at the dealership negotiating your price and doing paperwork. If there are specific things that you want, a specific color/interior combination that you have decided on and the dealer doesn’t have it in stock, be willing to wait for your exact vehicle to arrive in stock.

Enjoy Shopping Around

Even with all of the anxiety, the pressure and the intensity that the SUV buying experience can bring, there’s a lot to enjoy. You get to drive new SUVs, you get to learn about them, you get to meet people who are interested in SUVs, and at the end of the day, you get a brand new SUV in your driveway. Make the process a positive one for yourself, and you’ll get to relive it a little every day when you open the door and turn the key in the ignition.

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