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Testosterone Supplements


Many men experience low levels of testosterone as they age. If you’re doing nothing to maintain hormone levels, they could even more rapidly decline. Natural processes are amplified by poor diet and lifestyle choices. There are many ways to treat low T and one of the better, more established ways is to take supplements or medications prescribed by a doctor. When the body can’t make enough testosterone on its own, supplements are most likely to help the situation. A lot of great supplements can be purchased over the counter and potentially raise levels of testosterone. If you start taking testosterone supplements you could achieve enhanced muscle development and better overall wellbeing as a male.

There are many forms of prescription testosterone treatment or therapy. You can actively treat low T levels by using gels, skin patches, intramuscular injects and supplements. Millions of men use supplements to restore the hormone to normal levels. Once you treat treating low T you will tend to feel more concentrated, have more energy, stay mentally alert longer, and have a better libido.

Some popular supplement pills prescribed by doctors are, Android, Metandren, Testred, Methitest, Oreton, Virilon, and Methytestosterone. Other favored options from men who already partake in low testosterone treatment are oral buccal system applications, which are applied on the upper gum of the mouth. Striant is an effective choice for oral buccal applications.

Testosterone Supplements can also be purchased in nasal spray form, like a simple allergy spray, with Natesto being a popular option. Testofen, zinc, DHEA and herbal remedies are all natural testosterone boosters that work with your body to produce natural testosterone. The current Testosterone drug therapy market shows a remarkable increase in the desire for patch based treatments, which can last longer, thought they tend to be a little less affordable. Two top market brands are Androderm and Testoderm.

Not many men experience side effects when using testosterone supplements. Some side effects could include acne, swelling in the ankles, disturbed breathing while sleeping and breast tenderness. Consult your doctor if you would like to understand side effects for specific supplements and keep in mind that for any treatment there is always risk. Additionally, many of the above brands are over-the-counter therapy, to be purchased at your local pharmaceutical store.

Take a look to see if testosterone supplements are right for you and start feeling like a stronger, more fit, healthier you.



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