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Top 10 States To Retire


Top 10 State to Retire

Sometimes, its best to retire away from from needy family members or life long memories. Locating to a great, new state is a fresh start for your retirement. Meet new people and develop new friendships. Discover a new warm climate or maybe even open an post-retirement business. The below states are some of the best to move to for retirement in 2016.

1. Ohio
Ohio is one of the nicest states to spend time in. There are lots of natural parks that have community events, 5 big cities to visit, a national recognized zoo, and major sports teams to root for. The buckeye state spares no expense when it comes to their senior citizen amenities.
2. Iowa
Recognized for its endless cornfields, rolling farmland and location at the heart of the Midwest, Iowa is the second-best state to spend your prime retirements years. The Hawk Eye State is far from the crowded Sun Belt retirement destinations. Also like South Dakota, senior care costs here are around the national average.
But the state ranked among the top 10 in the nation for quality of life and healthcare for residents
3. Minnesota
Sharing a line with Canada, it can be one of the chilliest spots, but it turns out, Minnesota is also one of the top states to spend your retirement.
Compared to the first two states on the list, senior care in Minnesota is pricier (an assisted living facility costs roughly $42,000 per year on average, while a home health assistance runs about $57,000).
Still, the state ranked especially high in standard of health care and total quality of life for seniors.
4. Alaska
The “Last Frontier” is also one of the best places to spend your retirement years.
Of all 50 states, Alaska topped the list for quality of life and health care, and also came out very high for standards and access to long-term care services and supports for seniors.
At the same time, the state is also home to the most expensive senior care in the nation, dragging its ranking down to the fourth spot.
5. Oregon
Oregon was the most popular state to relocate to in 2015. There’s good reason for people 55 and older to hop on the Oregon train. The state ranked fourth in the quality of life and healthcare tests and also very high in long-term care and supports for retirees. The ranking dipped somewhat due to pricier cost of senior care here– a year in an assisted living community runs about $50,000 on average and a home health aide costs over $51,000.
6. Colorado
With its overwhelming physical beauty and vibrant cities, Colorado is another great place to live for people of any age. And for those 55 and older, the Centennial State ranks seventh in overall quality of life, well-being and healthcare quality. Its relatively high senior care rates (roughly $50,000 on average for either assisted living or a home health aide) pulled down the state’s ranking slightly.
7. Hawaii
In addition to being one of the nation’s most exciting vacation destinations, charming Hawaii boasts a great mix of quality of life, health care and support for people 55 and over.
The state scored the highest marks in the nation on assistance for family caregivers, and among the highest for quality of long-term care and supports for seniors.
But with senior care costs here among the highest in the nation (home health aides cost around $56,000 per year on average, while a year in an assisted living community runs about $48,000), not everyone can afford to spend their retirement years in the Aloha State.
8. South Carolina
South Carolina not only lures plenty of tourists to its waterfront vacation towns, pastel-colored houses and Civil War monuments, it’s also a great decision for seniors looking for affordable long-term care.
The only southern state to make the top 10, South Carolina boasts the nation’s fifth-cheapest elder care. A year in an assisted living community costs $37,500 on average, while a home health aide costs roughly $42,000 per year. Meanwhile, the state’s overall standard of life and healthcare rankings for seniors are around the US average.
9. Nebraska
While it’s mostly known for its agriculture, with cornfields blanketing the landscape, Nebraska is also an excellent choice for people looking for a place to spend their later years.
The Cornhusker State also ranks high in the quality of life, healthcare and well-being studies, and scores high tallies for its quality of senior care and support for seniors and family caregivers.
As far as affordability of senior care, Nebraska’s costs are around the national average (roughly $53,000 annually for a home health aide and about $43,500 a year for assisted living expenses).
10. Wisconsin
Wisconsin isn’t just for fans of cheese, beer and football – it’s also an amazing place to live during retirement. While senior care here is rather expensive ($48,000 per year on average for an assisted living community and about $50,000 yearly for a home health aide), the state ranks eighth in the nation for quality of life and health care. Wisconsin’s long-term care options and support for seniors and family caregivers also scored some of the top marks in the country, cementing its place among the top 10.



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